Our Global Infrasructure

Global Infrastructure with Local Talent

Our extensive global infrastructure spans over 180 countries wherein we have over 600 Warehouse Stocking Locations and more than 3,500 field engineers. This allows us to have a global outreach with localized focus.


Worldwide Network Of Integration & Configuration Centers

Digital Infotech OEM Integration Center is your product’s first step of its global adventure. Whether it’s just a few appliances, or a few thousand units – Digital Infotech commits the same high quality manufacturing processes to build a reliable product.


& Supply Chain Management

With a comprehensive service portfolio, Digital Infotech brings its local market knowledge and global expertise to enhance your supply chain. Whether it is improving stock delivery through better supply planning or reducing shipment costs through effective logistics management, Digital Infotech is committed to delivering excellence in entire value chain of the supply logistics – including product quality, regulatory compliance, enhancing process efficiency and reducing operational costs.


Trade Compliance & EOR/IOR Services

Digital Infotech provides you a seamless global experience with its fulfillment and IOR/EOR service capabilities. Digital Infotech’s proprietary portal platform, combined with a global network of 600+ Forward Stocking Locations enables you to deliver fast and accurate order fulfillment to your customers, irrespective of the country they might be in.


& Technical Support Services

The Digital Infotech portal platform allows you to provide top-notch quality support & uphold the industry standard of a 4-Hours’ SLA for your customers. Digital Infotech’s Technical Support Services provide customers with access to an experienced staff of service professionals and technical support specialists.