Global Import Logistics Service Program


Digital Infotech enables global organizations to focus on their core business, not managing complexities associated with import of IT products. It offers easy options to purchase IT products from any country-of-origin and deliver door-to-door to the destination country in shortest possible time. IRON eliminates hassles associated with freight management, import customs clearance, inspections, taxes and compliances.

Service Global Digital Infotech

Digital Infotech Import services solution helps international buyers and sellers by providing them with a single, Turn-key, Import solution to fulfill everything needed to purchase and sell IT products

Digital Infotech works with customs agencies in each country, in advance, to identify and secure all required licenses and permits.

Digital Infotech works with manufacturers and sellers of IT products to form a simplified export/import program globally; Products are pre-approved for shipment to 90+ countries. Digital Infotech prepares shipping documents and assists in door-to-door delivery and final POD confirmations.

Digital Infotech works with buyer in the destination countries and helps streamline the buying experience. Buyers can be assured that Digital Infotech will meet local trade compliances, manage logistics & customs, and deliver product to their premises with defined SLAs.