Managed Hardware & Software Services

Managed Hardware & Software Services

On-Site Installation And Deployment Services

IT project management generally falls into two categories: hardware and software. More often than not, a deployment project requires a hardware element and a software element to take a project past the finish line. This presents a challenge to many organizations which have different suppliers that do not work closely together, leading to longer project timelines or worse, missed deadlines.

Digital Infotech provides a single point of contact for managing your projects from start to completion and provides an extensive range of project types & specialties. By making the switch to Digital Infotech – can be as hands-on if you’d like, or sit back and enjoy the transparency and visibility of our total project management platform.

Benefits of Global Maintenance Partner

  • Configuration Services: Have servers or desktops arrive to your datacenter or end-users ready to run and fully optimized.
  • Network Administration: Network design, implementation & document creation to improve network stability, security, or best practices.
  • Installation Support: Do you need a specialists expertise – but want to complete the task with your own techs? Our Installation support team can assist.
  • Rack and Stack Services: Deploy rack server systems on-site. From unpacking to installation, configuration and testing.
  • On-Site Installation: Your location, our skilled technicians. Perform large or small projects from single system install to complete overhauls.
  • Software Deployment: Implementing new software technologies or making sure that migrations go smoothly for any size software deployments.
  • Software Imaging Services: We manage and load custom image configurations to multiple system type as per the unique needs of end-user or system function.
  • Project Management: End-to-end project management. Our team is with you from project inception to completion and every step in between.
  • Microsoft Services: As a long-standing partner – our team is fluent in Microsoft business platforms and can provide you with the right solution to your needs.