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Managed IT Smart Hands On Demand Service


24×7 On-Demand Support

Maintaining the right skillsets in the right locations is often a limiting factor of an organization’s growth plans, but that doesn’t need to be the case any longer. Comprising a network of over 1,000 skilled engineers, Digital InfoTech Smart Hands services enable your organization to tap into and pay for resources only when you need them. No more needing to pay for stagnant technical resources in one region while frantically searching for additional resources in another. Depending on your organization’s needs, Digital InfoTech can fill in critical gaps in your current operations, or expand your existing operations to new regions, opening the gates for market expansion.

Smart Hands Program

A Smart Hand is an individual or team of specialized technicians with the required IT certifications & skillsets to perform a field-level hardware or software support task. Smart Hands are most commonly used to provide support for:

Servers > Storage > Networks
Desktops > IoT > Peripherals

The Smart Hands program is a ‘hands and feet extension’ of your Level 2 support team. These engineers can perform instructed tasks independently, or work in conjunction with your team so that your level 2 team can be centrally located. Digital InfoTech Smart Hands program is available in all regions in Australia and provides a cost-effective approach for delivering responsive field support.